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As an entrepreneur and creator at some point; you will receive a contract. My primary piece of advice: Have the contract reviewed by a qualified attorney. While, of course I’d love for you to consider Maggie Marr Legal PC as the firm you turn to for your contract review, even if it’s not us–find someone who is qualified to review the contract. Find a firm that understands the type of contract you’ve been presented with; shopping agreement, co-author agreement, option agreement, publishing agreement, work for hire agreement, rights agreement–any sort of transaction that is memorialized by a contract. Have someone you trust (preferably an attorney who specializes in that area) read and review the agreement. Your work is your life and your work creates the revenue that supports your life; don’t sign contracts that impact your work, revenue streams, and life without having them reviewed. The very worst part of my job as an entertainment attorney is when I see the aftermath of a content creator who comes to me after they’ve signed a BAD agreement. Inevitably they either didn’t have their agreement reviewed or had it reviewed by someone who doesn’t understand entertainment, publishing, and creative content. Now they’re stuck. They’ve either signed away their rights or entered into a bad deal or are stuck and can’t capitalize on a tremendous offer for their creative content. Contracts are binding agreements between parties. Contracts impact you and your work. Contracts need to be reviewed. My advice; take the time and engage a qualified attorney to review your contracts.

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