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At Maggie Marr Legal PC we pride ourselves in not just giving legal advice to our clients but also giving a strategic overview of the entertainment landscape. Because our work as a firm is multi-faceted and spans all elements of content creation and communication; film, TV, apps, podcast, music, publishing, trademark, gaming, copyright, negotiation, production, transactions, and finance–we are able to take a broad view of your business as a creator and provide advice that spans not only the legal component of your business but also the strategic and futuristic long term view of your business and your brand. Let Maggie Marr Legal PC share our knowledge and overview with you. We can drill down into the details of individual offers and possible transactions presented to you and we can give you a mountaintop view of where the industry is going and how your content fits in that ever-changing landscape.

Our number goal is to be of service to our clients and add value to their business.

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